Courses Offered:

Part – I.
I English
II Kannada / Hindi / Sanskrit
Part – II.
HESP: (History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science)
EBAS: (Economics, Business Study, Accountancy, Statistics)
BASC: (Business Study, Accountancy, Statistics, Computer Science)
ECBA: (Economics, Computer Science, Business Study, Accountancy)
PCMB: (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology)
PCMC: (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science)
PCMS: (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics)
PCME: (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics)



Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • NCC: Unity and discipline is the motto of National Cadet Corps (NCC). Our college NCC army wing is affiliated 19 Karnataka Battalion, Madikeri. Regular parades are conducted once a week. The college has an armoury with sixty seven 303 rifles and one Light Machine Gun. Regular practice is given to cadets to how to handle and operate a weapon. Adventure training in activities such as trucking, mountaineering, hiking, cycling etc.. are also given. Cadets are trained to take up ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate examinations.


  • NSS: The motto watchword of the National Service Scheme (NSS) is ‘NOT ME BUT YOU’. This impresses the essence of democratic leaving and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other man’s point of view as well as consideration for fellow human beings. Learning the society by serving the society is the need of the day. With this view, the NSS units of the college arrange various social activities, camps and seminars in and off the campus.


  • Rovers and Rangers: Rangers and Rovers is a Movement for the young people of age 18 and above. The motto of the Movement is Service to society. The purpose is to develop the young people as Rangers and Rovers, in achieving their overall physical, intellectual, social and spiritual goals, thus enabling them to become more responsible and duty bound individuals in society and communities. The Movement is based on the principles like Duty to God, Duty to others and Duty to self.


  • Student Council: college has a student council comprising of elected office branches- the president, secretary and joint secretary and one representative each from every class. This council under the guidance of the principal and the council directors organizes various co-curricular activities throughout the academic year.


  • Remedial Courses: Remedial courses are offered to the academically disadvantaged student in order to help them cope with the academic requirements.


  • Value Education: It serves as an instrument of establishing more cordial relations between teachers and students and helps to develop mutual confidence which is so essential for effective education.


  • Wall – Board magazine – ‘PHILODARSHANA’: Provide opportunities for students in bringing out their talents in writing, drawing, painting, etc. it helps to identify and recognize budding poets, writers and artists. The student of every department encouraged to publish articles, essays, questionnaires, etc. in this magazine.


  • Science Forum: Its main objective is to inculcate a scientific temper of mind and quest for knowledge in the students. In this regard the forum in association with Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Maths, and department conduct various activities throughout the year.


  • Kannada Sangama: With the sole aim of popularizing and publishing Kannada language in and out of college, the Kannada sangha conducts / organizes various activities. Talk by eminent Kannada scholar, poets/ writers =, publication of books, essays, participating in ‘Sahithya Sammelana’ , conducting competitions etc. are some among them.



Fine Arts Association:

The main objective of the association is identifying the students’ talents in fine Arts and develops them by proper training. These includes training, playing musical instruments, dancing mimicry, mime, mono-acting, drama acting drawing and painting, rangoli, flower arrangement, etc.

  • Debating club: The motto f the club is to is public speaking skill of the members. It is realized that the spoken accepts of language is neglected in the present system of education. The club aims at making up this defect.


  • Computer Club: To help our student to cope with the new chances taking place in the areas of information technology, communication technology, telecommunication technology and computer technology, the college has computer club that benefits the students who are studding computer science as a subject in particular and other in general.


  • Commerce Association: For the benefit of commerce students, the association conducts various useful programs. Guest lectures, seminars, workshop on facing competitive examinations arranging industry visits, study tour etc. are some among them.


  • Humanities Association: This is a platform for the students of Arts faculty to perform on. The sole of aim of the association is to enrich the knowledge bank of student socially, economically, politically and historically beyond their syllabus.


  • Women’s Cell: The women’s cell of the college involves women students in various activities to improve their culinary skills along with academic excellence.


  • Divya Chethana association: All Christians are religiously tied with the D.C.A unit of the college. All Christians students of the college are the defacto member of the unit.


  • Parent Teacher Association: Realizing the active role of parent of the student in the success of the every academic activity of the college, PTA was formed. The association calls regular meeting and evaluates of the academic performance of the students.


  • Alumni association: Having realized the fact that the old students are still a part of the life of an educational institution, the college has the old students’ association since its inception. The association supports academic, non-academic and developmental activities of the college.